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Jan 10, 2022

This week the Sun, our heart, enters into the third decan of Capricorn expanding our focus from present day to day decisions management and productivity, outward and more toward the bigger picture, the future and the world at large. The Sun sextiles Neptune, Mars squares Neptune, Venus continues retrograde, Moon in Pisces, Mercury Retrograde and we end the week with a master Capricorn day on Sunday setting the foundation of our entire decision, control and management consciousness for the entire year ahead.

An Angel of Love and Archangel Orion come through to us this week in our Spirit Oracles encouraging us to focus on love, manifesting miracles, seeing the positives of change, and giving ourselves permission to say “No”.

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Here’s to our success, ascension and thriving higher together in the week ahead!

❤️✨ Namaste, Candice

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Card deck credits to: Sandra Anne Taylor’s Energy Oracles, Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers Oracles, Francine Heart’s Sacred Geometry Oracles, Colette Baron-Reid’s Postcards from Spirit.