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Nov 19, 2018

How do you create a great culture within a group? How do we build a great community and how do we grow and scale community and great group culture?  These questions are answered today along with What the heck are crumb snatchers and how do we deal with them?  

This episode is full of great nuggets from a great business and community builder Chris Krimitsos, Founder of Podfest.  Chris is a “changemaker,” “motivator,” “catalyst for change,” and an “inspiration.”  

As you will find out for yourself in today’s episode, Chris is a passionate guy with a unique skill set who shares an abundance of valuable insights and tips you can use to help you craft your culture, lead your community and grow and scale your business with integrity, passion and profit.

From Community building, family and tips for scaling to crumb snatchers, the AI voice revolution, block chain and how to future proof your business. Tons of value nuggets from this business influencer today.

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