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Dec 3, 2018

What does a musician have to teach us about communication, creativity and aligning ourselves to our purpose?

How can we experience more flourishing and less frustration in endeavors that matter?  

What does it mean to let go of certainty and confidence so that we can embrace Curiosity and courage to get us where we want to be - Stepping Into "What's Next" with Integrity and Intention

We dive in deep again today with my friend and fellow alum of Seth Godin's alt MBA program Scott Perry

We're all creatives here for a purpose and Scott is on a mission to help us  Embrace and leverage our creative capacity and Identify and engage our purpose.

The goal is to Experience more flourishing and less frustration in meaningful endeavors.

I say let’s Thrive together.  He says Let's fly higher together!  

Both are worthy. Enjoy!

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