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Oct 31, 2018

What does it mean to awaken your alpha?  It might not be quite what you think. If you immediately picture something out of an old -time Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom alpha male dominance animal hunt then do stick around for this episode because Awakening Your Alpha is much different than that.

In today's episode, I interview Adam Lewis Walker, the "Alpha Performace Coach" all about his 4-year-old podcast and newly released book, Awaken Your Alpha - Tales and Tactics to Thrive!  We talk about performance, perseverance and what it means to leave a legacy. 

Today Adam shares a personal story about one of his primary drives for creating the podcast and now this new book which honestly has sparked a shift in my thinking and reinvigorated my personal passion for sharing my Thriverz message.

I am sure you will be inspired by this episode too.

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