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Dec 17, 2018

In this podcast episode we are welcoming back a guest, Maria Xenidou PhD to share more about her journey of success and happiness. Maria talks about how a seemingly illogical decision of not signing a contract that she made based entirely on her intuition opened the door to her freedom, from a bound to be the next level corporate employee to an entrepreneurial influencer, blogger, podcaster and agent of positive change. 

I love how Maria views the importance of health, spending more time on yourself and enjoying one’s life which played a great role to the kind of life that she’s living right now.

Maria and I see eye-to-eye that it should be Life first not Work First. Each of us has the power to change our story the way we want it be!

The only way to thrive as a person is to be happy about yourself, to love what you do and take advantage of the available resources and share them to empower others!

Part One of Maria's story can be found in episode 7 entitled "Curiosity, Resillience and Resourcefulness"

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Episode Timeline

00:00              Intro

18:40              Listening to your intuition -Maria

34:40              Don’t beat yourself up, give yourself some grace. - Candice

39:00              Be surprised of what meditation can do!

42:00              We only live once!

44:50              The important and tough decisions

51:00              Thrive at life, thrive at work

55:00              Allowing yourself to see and accept alternative possibilities

56:30              Maria’s vision

58:00              Exploring opportunities using available resources

1:01:00              Empathy, leadership and learning from one another

1:03:00              Planting seeds of ideas

1:06:50              The meaning of being success-full and fully  cthrive
1:12:00              Closing


Highlights of today’s podcast

  • Maria and Candice talk about how work takes a toll on you physically and when is the last time you stopped or pause and notice what’s around you other than work.
  • Discussion about being like Thoroughbred horses and the blinders they wear - We must take our blinders of so that we can see other options and possibilities.
  • How books and other resources continue to work on us even after we’ve read them
  • Getting interested in and beginning to learn about and explore other things you’re your “usual” industry or go to people and sources.
  • Having healthy discussions with yourself is not being schizophrenic
  • Maria realizing that the corporate world is not for her anymore after getting a break and having a deeper conversation with herself.
  • If we really want to thrive in our lives, in our businesses, we have to be open to the possibilities that that can exist. You can wake up in the morning and love where you're going to (novel idea, right).
  • Thriving is when we realize the beauty of all that we GET to do (not have to must do or should do)
  • We must be careful not to trap ourselves in constant go, go, go and starve ourselves from personal one-to-one time. We need one on one time with yourself like we need to breathe every day.

Find More resources and insights to inspire and equip you to Ascend and Thrive! at