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Nov 8, 2018


Are you known for something?  Is there something that sets you and your brand apart?   Why does it matter?

How can you get started with speaking?   Or spice things up?    How might the pesky P-Word of perfection be getting in your way.  

My guest on the show today is Carol Cox, the founder of Speaking Your Brand. Carol is a podcaster, TEDx speaker, and sought-after presenter and trainer on public speaking, branding, and leadership for women.

Carol teaches business and marketing classes at a university and during election, seasons serves as a political analyst on TV news. She is based in Orlando, Florida, and works with clients both locally and virtually around the world.

Carol has learned a lot of lessons along the way one of which is that she needed to have a signature talk.  We talk about this idea today and why you need to be known for something uniquely you in your niche or industry.

She believes that it is most important to deliver REAL Value in your presentations, not a sales pitch and she shares a really awesome tip on how to get people to opt-in to continue the conversation from your talks  - with super high conversion rate.

Be sure to tune in for the whole episode and Prepare to Thrive!


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