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Mar 27, 2019

How do you transition from a shy kid who was bullied to a highly regarded expert psychologist, master clinician, trainer and consultant? Well, this is a transition that my guest today, Dr. Joan Rosenberg actively experienced.

One question that percolated Dr. Joan mind at a very tender age was: How do people develop confidence?

Dr. Joan was always interested in the Personal growth, she started her career from the age of 20, did her Mastery degree and as well as her PhD. For over three decades now, she has been teaching, speaking, writing on the field of Psychotherapy. She has also featured in TEDX Talks, Quora Sessions, and has now a Psychology blogger.

Tune in as we talk Emotional Mastery, The 90 Sec Concept of emotional mastery, how to gain confidence, 8 unpleasant feelings and much more.

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“Our willingness to experience unpleasant feeling has everything to do with confidence, resilience, and authenticity”

~ Dr. Joan Rosenberg.

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